Wake Forest Researchers Present Nature’s Pearl Muscadine Grape Research on Cancer

ORLANDO, FL., April 5, 2011 – We live in a country where approximately one of every two men will develop cancer, and one of every three women. But research on the Muscadine grape which is native to the southeastern United States, demonstrates that further studies are warranted to investigate their potential use in the prevention or treatment of cancer.

Dr. E. Ann Tallant and Dr. Patricia E. Gallagher, professors in the Hypertension and Vascular Research Center at Wake Forest Health Sciences in Winston-Salem, N. C., presented the results of their clinical study on "Inhibition of Cancer Cell Growth by Muscadine Grape Seed and Grape Skin Extracts" April 5, 2011, at the Orange County Convention Center during the 102nd AACR Annual Meeting 2011.

The abstract detailed the investigation of Nature’s Pearl muscadine grape seed and skin extract’s effects on seven types of human cancers: lung, colon, breast, skin, brain and leukemia cancers in vitro. In every type of human cancer cells, Nature’s Pearl Muscadine extract inhibited the growth of each of the seven cancers.

The researchers found that the highest inhibition of cancer growth tested was in the triple negative breast cancer cells: 92.6% inhibition at the highest concentration of muscadine extract. Other cancers also showed significant inhibition by the Muscadine extract: human lung adenocarcinoma stopped by 81.8% (at highest concentration); human colon cancer inhibited 80.5% (highest dose).

Drs. Tallant and Gallagher have proposed a new 12-month study. This study is to determine whether pre-treatment with Nature’s Pearl extracts prevents or reduces the size or growth rate of human breast tumors and human prostate tumors. The results of this preclinical study will determine whether Nature’s Pearl Muscadine grape seed or grape skin extracts should be considered for the prevention of patients with breast or prostate cancer.

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About Nature’s Pearl Corporation

Nature’s Pearl has completed the first randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover human clinical trial researching Nature’s Pearl efficacy on cardiovascular function (published in Journal of American College of Nutrition, October, 2010). Nature’s Pearl is the only muscadine company in the world to conduct human clinical trials on its products.