Screening for Metabolic Syndrome and Pre-Diabetes

One out of four Americans suffers from a preventable disease. PREVENTABLE is the key word. If we just take the time to screen for these medical conditions, we could extend the average lifespan by 7 or more years! Prevention of disease is far easier and less costly than treatment of disease. In most cases, it only requires a blood test to diagnose a metabolic disorder. Through blood testing of certain hormones, pro-hormones, inflammatory markers and glucose markers, we can determine the risk of developing diabetes and other metabolic disorders. Discovering the specific metabolic problem causing the disease risk is like cracking the metabolic code of our body chemistry.

In our office, our doctor performs these metabolic evaluations that determine the person's risk for diabetes and metabolic X syndrome. Intervention plans to modify risk and improve metabolism (and optimally weight loss) are individualized for each patient. A collaborative team of physician and nutritionist helps the patient put the treatment plan in practice. With this team approach to correcting our metabolism, we can optimize our total health and live longer and healthier lives.