DEXA Scans for Osteoporosis and Body Mass Composition

A DEXA scan measures the bone mineral density of the body. It is used to determine the health of bone and the risk of fracture. It is also used to measure body composition, the percentage of lean body mass (muscle) as compared to fat body mass (adipose tissue). As we age, much to our chagrin, we lose both bone density and lean body mass. Knowing your bone mineral density and body composition, gives you important health information that relates to longevity.

A DEXA scan is a very safe test. The amount of radiation absorbed in one of these tests is similar to the amount of radiation you get when flying a plane from Orlando to LA. In our office, we have a certified densitometry clinician who interprets results and gives same day consultations on bone health and body composition. Our doctor prescribes nutritional and hormonal therapies that improve bone mass and body composition, in addition to pharmacologic agents used in the treatment of bone disease.