A Third Opinion Crucible of Truth

Paul Rodgers, Bob Weldon, and special guests talk about achieving better health


"Get Slim with ZIIM"

Special guest: Catherine Zelner M.D.

Join Dr. Zelner as she discusses the use of HcG and weight loss. Dr. Zelner will explain why she feels that this is one of most effective and safe medically supervised program available today to deal with the epidemic of obesity.

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Breast Cancer and Mammograms

Special guest: Catherine Zelner M.D.

Listen to Dr. Zelner discuss the pros & cons of the current breast cancer testing and screening with an emphasis on prevention through nutrition.

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Detox Strategies

Special guest: Alan Greenberg M.D.

Learn about how to rid the body of harmful toxins, xenobiotics, and toxic heavy metals with drug free therapies. Featuring Dr. Alan Greenberg an expert in toxic metals and how to safely remove them.

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The War on Health!

Special guest: Jonathan W. Emord

How the FDA has declared war on your freedom of choice and Freedom of Speech when it comes to supplements and food. Listen to our special guest constitutional attorney Jonathan W. Emord who has won several battles against this out of control agency.

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Compounding Pharmacies what are they?

Special guest: ?

Learn from our guest Pharmacy Specialist about customized compounding for Bio-identical hormone therapy, weight loss, topical pain medications, and medications.

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What to expect from an "Integrative" doctor?

Special guest: Dr. Catherine Zelner

Listen to Dr. Zelner explain what to expect from an "Integrative" doctor, and why they are different than conventional practitioners.

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Interview with Dr. Michael A. Smith

Special guest: Dr. Michael A. Smith

Dr. Michael A. Smith, MD of the Life Extension Foundation is committed to providing listeners with the most current health information available, check out our interview with this cutting edge doctor.

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Organic Consumers Association

Special guest: Ronnie Cummins

Organic food, GMOs, food labeling

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