BoulardiiMAX | 45 Vegetable Capsules

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  • 10 billion cultures S. boulardii
  • Relieves occasional diarrhea and inflammation‡
  • Strengthens protective intestinal lining‡
  • Replenishes beneficial intestinal bacteria‡
  • Reduces effects of Clostridium difficile
    (C. diff)‡
  • Helps improve symptoms of irritable bowel‡
  • Boosts natural immune defenses‡

BoulardiiMAX is an advanced gastrointestinal support probiotic recommended for those suffering from occasional as well as chronic diarrhea resulting from illness, antibiotic use, parasites, food sensitivity and other contributing factors.‡ 10 billion active cultures of S. boulardii and powerful FOS prebiotics work quickly in the digestive tract to help re-establish a balanced intestinal environment and promote gastrointestinal and immune health.‡

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